Lyn, Pencil on Paper, 2020

When the Coronavirus lockdown was announced, I was flat-sitting for a friend in Clapton. It's just up the road from my flatshare but it's a part of London I haven't spent much time in. Having moved to a new part of the city, my temporary neighbours were now some of the only people I saw in person - on Thursday evenings during the clap for carers, NHS staff and other key workers. It's a diverse and welcoming community, and I wanted an excuse to get to know the other people on my street a little better.

Over the second May bank holiday, I put a little notice through the front doors of some of my neighbours, asking: Can I draw you (from a safe social distance)? Nothing beats sitting one to one with someone and drawing them in person. With the help of Mike and Lyn, a couple who do a lot for the local community and - with Mike being an artist himself - were intrigued by the idea and helped me get the word out, a small number of my neighbours came out at different times to be drawn, from two metres or more away, on the green in front of our terrace. 

I asked each neighbour to sit for fifteen minutes, and these are the results.

All proceeds went to domestic abuse charity Refuge, via online donations.

Carol and Andre, Pencil on Paper, 2020

Stephanie, Pencil on Paper, 2020

Martin, Pencil on Paper, 2020

Mike drawing me, Pencil on Paper, 2020

Lina and George, Pencil on Paper, 2020

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